The PetroPOS forecourt management system is designed to control the dispensing of fuel and other items at service stations.  PetroPOS is a management system that is fast, simple and reliable.  It was developed in Africa for African conditions.
  • Runs on standard off the shelf computer hardware
  • Connects to slip printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner and a pole display
  • Compatible with most pumps including the latest models of Prowalco, Wayne and Tokheim
  • Can use various onboard and external tagging systems
  • Can connect to pumps via a number different of interface boxes
Simple to operate
Fast to transact
Clear visual display of forecourt operations
Integrated point of sale for shop
Can run standalone(small site) or with Ultimateadmin back office
Can run in cashier or unattended mode
Preset Price changes
Attendant Tagging
Account Tagging
Low maintenance
Competitive price
SQL Server Express Database - Single database
Remote support
No large monthly fees