PremiPoint provides you with state-of-the-art fuel management systems to help you take control of your fuel usage. We offer highly integrated online-based data capture to help all commercial industry clients get their tax rebate reports submitted accurately and on-time.

PremiPoint also provides a 24 hour support center where our skilled staff can be contacted around the clock. They can assist our clients with all of their queries at any time of day.

Al2Stadler is a wholesale fuel distributer specialising in 50ppm diesel, 10ppm diesel and paraffin fuels. We provide fuels of the highest grade with a guarantee on the quality of our products. With our excellent customer service we can ensure that you keep your fleet running 24/7.

Phumla is our retail fuelling station located on the N12 just outside Warrenton. Phumla offers premium fuel stop facilities such as clean toilets, delicious take-aways, clean showers, sitting areas, old motor museum as well as a petting zoo. If you are travelling between Kimberley and Warrenton, make a turn at Phumla for a fuelling expereince you will never forget.Our Forecourt Management Systems provides all kind of fuel stations with accurate control over every transaction. With integrated systems that can operate fuel, kiosk, tyre and workshop sales you can keep track of what goes on at your garage, even if you are not there. Our 24 hour support centre ensures that your business never stops serving customers.

The Al2Stadler Fuel Group is certified as one of our nations essential services and will continue to distibute fuel products to our essential service clients whilst trying to combat the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We are operating under Annexure B, Regulation 11A; Paragraph A (4) and Paragraph B (6) for the delivery of fuel to other essential services under the Disaster Management Act, 2002. Our employees will be self-isolationg at home during the lockdown, however our skeleton staff will be at our sites to ensure that the essential distribution of fuel carries on.