Taking Fuel Management to the next level

Everything you need for monitoring your vehicles fuel usage and audits in one, convenient application.

What is Fuelman?

  • Fuelman is a complete fuel management solution that autonomises your entire fuel process, from delivery to dispensing to claiming your tax rebate.
  • It works with a specially engineered garage-type fuel dispenser to accurately record the fuel that is dispensed to your fleet.
  • The online hosting system allows you to access every piece of information about where, when and how much fuel is dispensed at any point in time, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Provides you with peace-of-mind knowing that your fuel safety is taken care of by the smart automated calculations sending you notifications when it realises that too much fuel is being used/stolen. 

Why use Fuelman?

With Historical data, you can trace transactions back to your very first installation. Never let a single drop of fuel go unaccounted for again. Submit your SARS reports directly from the system with an automated template, compliant with SARS regulations.

With state of the art analog to digital tracking, the PremiPoint software suite tracks & report on Fuel consumption in real-time. All data collected from your fleet is presented in a variety of detailed, visual reports. Reconcilliation & Audit data is presented automatically for your convenience.

PremiPoint offers both Desktop and Cloud-based app, which provides you the benefit of cloud-based redundancy and back-ups, as well as the convenience of access from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

The Suite includes a Mobile App for Windows, Apple and Android, which provides offline data & synchronization to keep you in touch with your data at all times.

Features of Fuelman

Intuitive Reports
Infographic dashboard & reports provide both a high-level overview with drill-down features and filters. Export to CSV, XLS, PDF and more!
Detailed Audit Trails
Retrieve full audit trails in seconds! Detailed historical data is stored forever. Track records, accountability, and activity to help ease your audit process.
Automated Tax Claims
Export your data to SARS compliant document with click of button. Every single transaction is accounted for very last cent and drop.
Analog to digital data processing captures accurate information and data automatically from each pump and uploads it to the cloud automatically. No manual effort is required!
Stay on top of important events and system activity with helpful reminders and notifications. Choose from Email, SMS and Push messages!
Barcode Scanning & Tagging
Unique identification is incorporated in our system whereby the jockey has to tag their unique ID (linked to their name) as well as scan a unique vehicle identifier barcode before fuel can be dispensed.
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